Sunday, 5 July 2009

The Lord graces SW19

Dear Sisters and Acolytes

Witness the Lord in full regalia and Aviators giving his support to fellow Scot Andy Murray at the Wimbledon sem-finals last Friday. As you can see from the uncropped picture which I also post, he took the Child of the Devil with him. They look as loved up as usual and the frostiness must have been what kept the Lord cool in his 3-piece suit in the soaring Summer temperature.

The Lord is not renowned for his love of things sporty, so this Sister can only conclude that the temptation of a couple of free tickets and a promise of strawberries and pink champagne for tea has turned the Lord into a sponger, just like his Child sidekick.

I think you will all agree that the sooner the Lord gets back to work the better for all of us. Comic-Con is in a couple of weeks and the break from the blonde she-devil will be much needed.

Tennant x


Carole said...

On our Lord's day of rest he was witnesses floating along in Daddy-in-law's boat in Twickers...i know...i'll punish myself later for mentioning such vile words as 'in-laws'....i can only pray that the blonde she-devil doesn't blag her way to a first class ticket to San Diego.Pray tell,where is her son in all this privolity and free gratis excursions with our Lord???? Not good mothering skills!

Sister Shagwell said...

Sisters, Acolytes and assorted members of the great unwashed....

I have returned from my duties of attending to the sick and needy of Miseryside and learnt that our Lord (Praise be his name and 10") had been observing the ancient pass time of bat n ball at Wombledon, or SW19 to the rest of you.

I was shocked to the point of double shocked at the visions that fell before mine eyes.... The Lord, as ever, looked a vision of lushness in suit and sunnies. However, the cold front that sprung forth from said vision chilled me to the bone. For a couple who, according to "wanna-be" daddy-in-law, are very happy together, did not display one ounce of togetherness.

People,I am concerned. Have any of us seen a sringle vision of the pair of them smiling at each other?
Do they walk together?
No - she walks 2 paces behind (2 country's would be preferable)
Do they look happy together?
So, why are they still together?
Answers on a postcard.

Tennant X

Sarah said...

naaah, they're just hiding their happiness ! They're both actors, they can hide very well !!
Actually, imho, they deserve a BAFTA for their hiding skills !! ;)