Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Lord readeth Cressida Cowell

Sisters and Acolytes

This very week saw the publication of the new audio book in the Hiccup series - How to Twist a Dragons Tale being the 5th book in the series. I have extracted a particularly pleasing part of CD2 which I was listening to in all innocence whist cooking tea yesterday evening for some waifs and strays in the West Country. When the Lord began proclaiming and raising his voice to the heavens in a short but beautiful rendition of Rule Britannia (with appropriate word changing, I am sorry to say that bloomers were destroyed and most of the tea along with them.

If you click on the title of this week's blog, it will take you straight to the audio in question. I hope that you enjoy and if you do GO BUY IT from Amazon. The Lord needs to buy more nappies!

Apart from the above, the week has been quiet for the Sisters. Sister Berny has been even quieter than usual and there is concern for her. We hope that the contractor who has been keeping the flue clear in the Oirish sister's place of refuge has been continuing with his duties to contract specification and does not require a Quality Assurance visit from the Sister's Headquarters. The next big news from the Lord is likely to be announced from the pulpit of the Geek-fest known as Comic Con 2009. Until then... Keep the Faith...

Tennant x

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Carole said...

I pray that we shall see many visions of Our Lord attending the San Diego 'fun fest'...let's also pray that he's not 'accompanied' by a minor!