Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Lord is omnipresent


Visions of the Lord have been many and wondrous this week.

As requested by the Sisters and Acolytes, the Lord donned the blessed brown velvet to cross swords with the sainted Graham of the Norton. He excited many beating fangirl hearts by daring to show a little leg as he made himself comfy next to Johnny *big man* Vegas on the plush red sofa. A sneak peek of the show has been previewed on YouDontTube and the Lord seems to be enjoying himself mightily as a poor wee thing gets snogged by the Vegas. Lucky girl, a snog from the Lord *praise be his name and Teninch* would have seen her being taken away on a stretcher!

The Lord was busy busy bust last week, hosting a special Never Mind The Buzzcocks with his mates Bernie (right said fred) Cribbins and Catherine (i'm not bovvered) Tate. It seems the Lord is becoming a panel show favourite - still waiting for his debut on Have I Got News For You - though I feel sure it cannot be long.

Of course the Lord is adept at many aspects of the media business. He turns his hand to radio broadcasting this week on Absolute Radio with the CO'C. No that's not our Oirish Sister - the other CO'C! I look forward to listening to his sultry scottish tones over the crackling MW car radio on my way to my place of work on Wed-Fri this week. I may be a little more perky when I arrive than usual!! I wonder how manic he will sound after the several expressos it will take to get him up for 5.30am!

And so at this, the close of the final Sunday before the country is flooded by the Waters of Mars, I offer a vision of the future. A vision so bright, it has to wear shades. A vision of the Lord in the tighty whitey fencing costume which had such a profound affect on the Sisters when viewed at close quarters in both Shakeyland and Londoom.

Lord be praised....

Lord be mighty....

Lord come here and take off me nighty!

Tennant Sisters x


Anonymous said...

Another blog entry! YAY! Just what I needed to chase away the doldrums on an Sunday afternoon!

Sister Chastity, you should be a writer fulltime!


Anonymous said...

A nicer and less offensive blog...much better! Keep it that way, ben

Anonymous said...

Fabulous blog and brown suit and fencing costume on one page is almost too much to cope with
Juliet x

Sister Chastity said...

Thanks Ben for your comments.

Are you a teacher as it feels as though you are grading me? Is this one a B+ - good work but inconsistent? Can I use it as coursework towards a degree in creative writing? Do I care? (they are rhetorical questions btw)

Still, nice to know you're out there reading our random musings that are designed to entertain us at least!

Anonymous said...

I'd say a C...Lets not push it. Ben

Delicate One said...


I was lucky enough to attend the filming of said show with the boy in all his brown velvet glory. I think I may have made a bit of a sqeauking noise when he appeared, but that is pretty normal. I was hoping to ask him a question, as requested by the producers of the velvet-fest, but alas it was not to be. He was funny and charming and spent most of the time with a look of shocked surprise on his face at big man Vegas and his stories (The one about the pringles tube seemed to make his jaw drop most)

Praise be.

Sister Shagwell said...

Ben? As in BIG BEN?

Ding Dong.

Sister, a hundred thousand thankies for such visions of delight. As I have been amongst the great unwashed and contagious of miseryside these past few days these delights came as welcome relief.

I was concerned that our beloved was sat with the love child of "Johhny Wellies", who is a local character known to the residents of Woolyback Land.(St Helens to you lot!) Johhny of Vegas or is that Parr?, can be a bit of a handful and this Sister was concerned for the welfare of our Love and his 10".

I pray the Sisters will forgive me for being lax in my call to pervitude this last week. I shall do pennance by watching on You-Can't Tube and listening to CO'C as my new call for morning perves.

Tennant x

Anonymous said...

A shout out to GMs son! Wow didnt think it was that serious! Oh dear :( sweet tho

Anonymous said...

Have you abandoned this blog? I hope not. First the Tweets, now this. Sorry to see this go. I didn't always agree with some of the things said, but loved reading it.


Sister Chastity said...


Fear not, the Blog has not been abandoned - it has simply been a rather busy week for the Sisters. We have been walking amongst the unwashed of LALA land in the wet and windy North and the more temperate Southern counties.

There will be a new post come the Sabbath - be prepared Followers! Dib Dib Dib