Thursday, 21 January 2010

The Time God is victorious!

Sisters, Acolytes and Followers

Well, what visions we have had of the Lord this week. This Sister has been o'ercome with joy and lustful thoughts brought on by delicious and varied combinations of beard, neck porn and velvet.

Our Lord *praise be his name and teninch* began this pervfest by braving the arctic conditions which nearly brought the country to its knees barely a week ago and venturing out amongst the great unwashed of the West End. Channelling John *sing me a song* Barrowman, He sat amongst his fellow luvvies at the Gala Opening of the Legally (I'm shagging a) Blonde Musical starring the fabulous Sheridan Smith and the former Time Lord and prospective dad-in-law, Peter *I've had xmas dinner with DT* Davison.

New bloomerage was required when the pictures emerged and the Sisters discovered that the Lord's visage was clad in more than designer stubble. Many theories were espoused as to why the beard had emerged including - insulation to keep him warm in the snow; a disguise to keep the more rampant fangirls away; and preparation for a part in  The Hairy Bikers. The Sisters, of course, know the truth. The beard returned because the Lord is first and foremost a Man and therefore too damn lazy to shave everyday if he doesn't actually have to. Some days he doesnt even change out of his pyjama bottoms. Not that the Sisters would complain about seeing that vision buying milk in his local Sainsburys ;)

And so to the main event. The Lord once more graced the National Ten-inch Television Awards yestereve. The lucky Black Velvet DJ was on show, teamed with a currently favoured black shirt this year. He clearly listened to the Sisters and left the albatross at home, so the Sisters were sure that the awards had his name on them.  Unbeknown to us, the Lord had been chosen to present an award to Sir Stephen of the Fry - a moment to be savoured - brains and beauty on the stage at the same time.

Of course, the Lord's adoring public had voted in their thousands to ensure that Doctor Who and the Lord of Pervitude *praise be his name and Ten-inch* were duly awarded their rightful statuettes. The hormonal harridans however, stole the award destined for Captain Slow and the TG boys. I think those Loose Women should look twice before crossing roads in the coming months.

The Lord seemed on particularly good form throughout the proceedings, enjoying a night off the leash. A mischievious look in his eye perhaps betrayed the fact that there had been much quaffing of cherryade in the green room. There was more quaffing at the after show party where, it was reported, Sir Bernard Cribbins congoed many young lovelies in the direction of the Lord. What time the Lord departed Greenwich and which particular lovely caught the attention of the ten-inch remains a closely guarded secret, but as you can see from the last picture... he was worn out the today!

And so I close with some news which was also imparted yestereve. The Lord has withdrawn his services from the little Simon Pegg tale of graverobbers. What this news portends remains clouded in supposition. Has he received a better offer, is NBC holding him to ransom, is he taking over from Wossy at auntie Beeb?Only Smarties have the answer! The rest of the fandom will just have to wait and see.

Till the next post Sisters!

Tennant x


Anonymous said...

Once again Sister Chastity, an awesome blog post! Bravo! I so needed a bit of cheering up today.

And the pics... lovely... just lovely! I did check the Tube of Ewe for any videos pertaining to the NTA's, and wasn't disappointed. I drowned myself in watching the Lord take his rightful award many times over. In fact, I better get to d/l those videos so I may put them on dvd and watch them in the comfort of my own bedroom! Heheheheheh... ;-)


anita said...

I didn't actually read the post, I've been looking at the pictures.
I'm sure you'll understand Sister.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post again and gorgeous pics.
Juliet x

Anonymous said...

I am thinking its time the Lord got some work. Apparently he is sometimes seen picking the childs child up from school. I suppose the childs family find it difficult to look after him now they are all seeming to find work courtesy of the Lord. He seems to be playing step daddy and if he doesnt watch out or himself will end up being full time nanny.

Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking that the Lord [a highly intelligent man - a god of many glories and endless possibilities, all hail his wondrous name and attributes] might find the 'Who'-centredness of some people close to him a tad boring after a while? I mean, before them, he had friends who wrote, directed, produced, acted in loads of stuff that was stimulating and, y'know, different. The Lord's lasting devotion to The Doctor is avowed in many sacred texts but I must believe he is a god of many *varied* gifts and talents, unlike the more limited endowments of some he currently consorteth with. As a mere novice in the worship of the Glorious Being, the Tennant, I AM trying to think kindly of those whose talent and level of 'interesting-ness' seemeth so inferior to my dear Lord's, but the devil doth nudge me and I am perforce to take heed, until a most frightful scream doth burst forth from betwixt my lips: "Back away, NOW, Lord, oh lord, back away.... I worry that thou art being stifled by enforced domesticity and homely cares. Doth thou not any longer have a house to call thine own?!"
Novice Agatha of Paisley-on-Sea.

Acolyte Mia said...

Oh to be amongst the grains of sand on the beach as the Lord and his tenninch lay upon me...yum.

Sister Chastity said...

Indeed Acolyte Mia, you have set me pondering whether the Lord might indeed take a foreign holiday in the near future whilst he is spending idle days doing the washing and ironing.

Perchance he may re-aquaint himself with Sir Russell of Venice Beach or take the time to traverse the waters to the land of the diminutive hot-pants clad singer as he has been wont to display such a desire to visit. In either case visions of the Lord exposing his nakedness to the hot sun wrapped only in Ambre Solaire and wayfarers would certainly warm the cockles of my heart (and most likely combust some bloomers).


Maggie (Margaret) said...

Hey, just want to say how fantastic your blog is... it has cheered me up no end. The photo's more than anything else have made my day... just what the Doctor ordered... ;-)
Thank you sisters


Acolyte McSkinny said...

Shame out Lord didn't heed the words of novice Agatha...apparently he's with the Child tonight at the Radio Times Cover event...this Acolyte is deeply saddned.

Sister Chastity said...

Thank you Maggie. And Acolyte
McSkinny is it really that time of year again for the RT covers party! My how time flies. Must go and search for pics ready for the next blog. *runs*

Anonymous said...

I come in haste from my solemn hour perusing the mystic interweb where at I read that our Lord's first great love, the Lady Anne Marie Duff, is with child at last by her swain, the McAvoy! Amidst rejoicing at the happy news, a friend [a remorselessly secular woman of a certain age and a lemony turn of phrase] did opine to me that perhaps it was this news which had caused our Beloved Lord, whilst speaking so tenderly on that desert island program, to breaketh his own vow against revelations of a personal nature, to imply the time was right for him to go forth and multiply. Myself, I am perforce to wonder at it. Such beauty as His should not go to the grave uncopied, surely. The mere thought of the copying is more than enough to combust the most homely of homespun bloomers. Clearly he seeketh a wife and yet I am here, in cruelly named sanctuary! I scarcely know what to do penance for first.
Novice Agatha, Paisley-on-Sea

Anonymous said...

Oh dearest Novice Agatha! If only the news you impart to us could be met on my part with excitement. I am most sad by the prospect of our Lord attaching himself to one woman for fear that it will be the child. I am also most sad because I cannot offer myself to him as one to copy himself with. I shall continue my fervent worship in hopes that the Lord will come to his senses and find a worthy woman instead of his current situation.

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies! I'm back after an awful couple of months when my computer decided to pack in. Anyhoo I'm back and very pleased I can visit here again! Am back on Twitter too so see you all there and hope you are all well. Thanks for the laughs...the child won't be around for long I'm sure.

Lizzie C (MrsDMcDonald)

kel said...

Hello again, Ladies
My apologies, but I feel the need to throw my hat into the ring.
I wrote a time ago comparing DT's astrological sign with the child's. I am coming from a purely objective point of view, for I don't find him someone I'd be interested in; he's just a fine actor in my eyes.
I have two theories as to the nature of this union, following along the lines of my last correspondence:
1. DT lost his mom during the summer of 07, I believe. He is the baby of the family and his sign represents someone who is young at heart, somewhat childlike. Which we can all see in his behavior (not saying it's a bad thing). He missed his mother (and a child needs his mother), so he subconsciously attracted a young, single mother into his life with the added bonus of a new young friend to play with (the son). So now he has a new mom and 'little brother'. Hopefully soon, he will realize that he is in love with the IDEA of the mother angle, not with her specifically.
2. Because he is naturally a young at heart/childlike grown man, he may be more comfortable being around people who are much younger, especially as he gets older. Older people are usually more serious and set in their ways, not spontaneous and carefree like younger people.
My conclusion is that he has mother and aging issues that he needs to address. I still feel he is making a mistake with this relationship and no one wants to see him get hurt. He does sound like a very nice person.
Btw, does anyone know why he's not doing the B&H movie? I'm out of the loop.
Life's Blessings to you all in this new year.

Anonymous said...

Was my comment of the other day not pleasing to the Sisters? This humble acolyte appologizes and is off to perform penance appropriate to my lowly status. My dvr and dvd player will see much use this day.

Sister Chastity said...

Acolyte Jealousy, no problem with your comments - the sisters simply did not see it arrive! Too busy perving I fear. We shall need to be buying a new copy of Blackpool soon I think.