Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Spring Cleaning

Dear Sisters and Acolytes

T'is the First of March and I have been seriously neglecting the Blog.

There are dust bunnies under the photograph albums and some naughty child appears to have broken in the stained glass window and scrawled "Pixie woz 'ere and iz stayin' put" across the Sisters' prized collection of memorabilia signed by the Lord Teninch himself!

So after some hands-on, get down and dirty spring cleaning, I felt the need for a reward in the form of some pictures recently released of the Lord doing some Charidee work with the great unwashed in Uganda. It looks like he's getting in some parenting practice in advance of the birthing day.

Don't forget, faithful followers, to visit your local purveyor of the daily paperbased written word to place your orders for next week's Radio Times which doth contain the Lord's Ugandan Diary ^spoiler^it's hot, i'm sunburnt and the food's crap^spoiler^ and the Doctor Who Magazine in which the Lord spills his innermost secrets to Ben "friend of RTD" Cook ^spoiler^I'm marrying Georgia coz I really want to shag her dad^spoiler^

Until the next time

Tennant x


Helen said...

Hi, the Lord looks beyond cute in those pics with the kids!

I shall get the Radio Times, (I'm a subscriber) and will check out the DWM article and get it if it doesn't ramble on too much about a certain subject.

I know you have your finger well and truly on the pulse (ooh er!) as to what The Lord is up to but check out this little lot I found at fansofdavidtennant digest:

David Tennant is nominated for lead male performance, Royal Television
> Society awards, for his role in Single Father http://bit.ly/fR29op
> The David Tennant narrated audiobook My Sister Lives On The Mantelpiece by
> is released today http://tinyurl.com/6b7ktsf
> Stars line up for Comic Relief's 24 Hour Panel People -
> http://bbc.in/hvRC9J

Sister Chastity said...

Thanks indeed Helen,for an update on the latest ways that the Sisters and Acolytes can receive their weekly/daily? "fix" of the Lordly loveliness.

I am intrigued by his appearance on Blankety Blank. I wonder if the Sisters will be allowed to contribute some amusing statements to the programme...

David suddenly found his Blankety Blanks were caught in the vice-like grip of a blonde child

(credit cards - obviously!!!)

etc etc

Helen said...

Blankety Blank should be a lot of fun if The Lord decides to let his hair down and be a bit naughty! I suppose it depends on what time it's broadcast...

The Doctor decided that his big blue blank needed a good polish.... ;)

You're welcome; we can't have the sisters missing out, now, can we?

I'm slightly annoyed, though because I could always post as babeonwheels before, but now I don't seem to be able to do that, as the blogger option's not available any more, so I'm stuck with my own name.

Sister Chastity said...

Very sorry to have upset any followers due to the new signing requirements for comments. It is simply due to the influx of anonymous trolls who left unsavoury comments. Putting their names to the comments seems to have deterred some of them.

Once again the few spoil the fun for the many....

Helen said...

There are some gorgeous pics on the Radio Times site - the third is my fave, but the one after that is gorgeous in its own way - his face is almost entirely covered by a surgical mask but you can see how lovely his eyes are, in isolation.
He really should wear that turquoise colour more often; just not covering his face!



Sister Shagwell said...

It is so good to see the Lord forsaking the grips of clan soon- to- be and setting out to go good works in the name of charitee.

I am a bit dazed and confused as to how the Lord managed to liberate the "spotty" from the clutches of Sister C?

Helen said...

I have been gazing in awe and reverence (among other things) at the pics in the Holy Book of Radio Times and it did bring gladness to my heart.

Indeed, so did the recent silliness on 24 Hour Panel People.

I loved the DW article, too - "I'm going to be a stamp! I'm first class from April"! So sweet!

I have to say that he did bring tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat with his appeal for people to actually DONATE for RND - I can't believe that most people don't. If that doesn't persuade people to part with some cash I don't know what will. He is truly lovely when he's being passionate and emotional - without going OTT -about a great cause.

Helen said...

And another disappointment - The Lord was pipped at the post by Jim Broadbent at the RTS Awards last night. :(
As much as I respect Mr Broadbent I thought The Lord's (and everyone else's) acting was outstanding in Single Father (rushed ending aside).
Oh, and I'm confused as to whether or not the Lord/Lad was to be cast as the Blue Meanie, but it seems that in any case the Yellow Submarine remake has been shelved. :(